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Training During the Crossfit Open

For 99% of us the Crossfit Open is a great chance to test our fitness in a semi competition based setting, throw-down with/against our friends and help us measure our progression year to year. With a little bit of mindful structure it can support us towards long term fitness goals by increasing motivation and setting performance benchmarks. But if we are not careful it can actually move us further away from long term fitness goals by disrupting training and creating excessive fatigue.

In this article I am going to cover briefly how I suggest laying out and structuring your training around performing well and enjoying the Open, without negatively impacting your long term fitness and health.

Almost all of us started Crossfit to improve our general fitness, body composition (atheistic's) and health. The training we do should be directed towards moving us bit by bit in a positive direction of these goals. And in reality our performance in a 5 week online competition has very little, if any, bearing on these goals. So with that in mind, our focus should be to continue moving the needle in the direction we want, while being able to express our fitness in each open workout throughout the 5 weeks.

Step 1: Try to be a one and done kind of person.

  • For almost all of us, repeating open workouts 2 or more times will be very unnecessary. Not only will it take away from time and energy that could be put into more effective training, but due to the increased intensity and repetitive movement patterns/volumes excessive repeats will also increase injury risk.

Step 2: Pick a day that you feel like you can attack the open workout best.

  • This will probably be a Friday night or Sat/Sun. Then reverse engineer your training week from there.

Step 3: Highlight days that you can train normally and days that should be lower intensity or complete rest.

  • Highlighting these will allow both quality training and optimal performance in the Open workouts.

  • For example:

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