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I wanted to get my nutrition in check as I was prepping for nationals and I chanced upon Naz and her knowledge bombs! It was really rare to be able to connect with someone who does weightlifting/CrossFit + knows her stuff. Definitely had the easiest cut ever (made some solid strength gains too) and I didn’t even need to ‘starve’ myself! I will highly recommend Naz for anyone that is looking for help with their nutrition or just looking for a more holistic approach to managing training, diet and sleep!

— Melissa H.


Stu helped me get back from a back injury, he guided me through a long process. What I like about him is he listens and knows what he’s doing, from injury and get back weightlifting again in 8 months, now I can hit PR’s like back squatting 115kg, etc. I feel like I’m improving a lot!

Sander E.

I’ve been working with Stu to improve my Olympic weightlifting for the past six months.  I’ve been doing Crossfit for close to three years now but the barbell has always been my weakness and I decided I probably shouldn’t hide from it any longer!  My sessions with Stu have focused on improving my Snatch and Clean & Jerk technique - at times it meant just the barbell and drilling in the basics, but over the months I have seen the simple building blocks come together.  Through Stu’s programming, I have improved my numbers on all my lifts, but more importantly, I have a better awareness of my movement patterns and the way my body works which has made me more confident with lifting and Crossfit in general.

My gymnastics work with Naz has been targeted and extremely effective - most of my sessions have been Olympic weightlifting focused, but I still wanted to work on my gymnastics skills which I really enjoy.  Naz has programmed simple training blocks that can complement my existing program.  Given her experience as an athlete, she is great at spotting what might be holding you back in your gymnastics movements and is able to give on-point cues and drills.

These guys are the dream team and I look forward to every session!

Denise L.

When it comes to lifting movements, it has always been frustrating for me and most of the time will cherry-pick my workouts. The 1-on-1 training with Coach Naz has been amazing to understand what was the main issues, not just technics, but to point out it is psychological too. I love her dedication and patience to correct my movements.

Both coaches have been great in providing the right advice and knowledge; their ability to understand our workout routine and living lifestyle, really helps to point us in the right direction to get stronger. One thing I really appreciate is that coaches here are always learning and so dedicated to helping.

Arlene T.



If you’re looking to make a big impact or a dramatic change in your life, look no further.


An individualised programming catered to your goals. Work together with a coach to find the perfect training plan for you!



A nutrition plan that works with you and not against you. Get the on-going support you need that suits your lifestyle and achieve your goals.



Take advantage of in-person training! Let us coach you on the spot on movements you need extra help with. Sessions are done at MOBILUS.

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